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Top 10 Best Indoor Games and Sports in the World

Again, it’s that time of the year when the scorching summer sun is glaring at us in anger. Summer time is when we all tend to become turtles in the shell not wanting to get out of our houses. But that should not give anybody an excuse to just lie lazily on the couch with cold drinks and ice creams all day long. Moreover, fun must always continue to happen despite of the scary outside.

Top 10 Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Both indoor, as well as outdoor games, are very entertaining to play. Even watching the game is an entertaining thing in itself. Games and sports are some of the powerful tools for building social lives and maintaining a fit image. Some games are played indoors as well as outdoors. For example, chess is an indoor game but it can be played outside on a park bench. Soccer is an outdoor sport but huge stadiums are built for the sake of playing soccer, which is kind of an indoor thing. So, there are several differences between indoor and outdoor sports.

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Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Tennis and badminton both are outdoor games but are played indoors too. So the real question is …what is even the definition of the indoor or outdoor game?

In the following article, we will take a look at some differences as well as similarities between indoor games and outdoor sports. Here are the top 10 differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports. Read on.


At number 10 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have rules. Outdoor games have more technical and sophisticated rules than indoor games. Indoor games.

While made for family time fun can also have complicated rules and regulations but it is less likely so. Indoor games have fun rules while outdoor games have really tough rules and regulations that players ought to follow.


At number 9 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have uniforms. Indoor games don’t have any uniforms because most of them are single-player such as chess. However outdoor games are played in teams and thus it is mandatory that each team has a designated uniform to identify them by.

It would be very difficult to identify team members without a uniform. Also, it gives away a lot of sponsorship offers for the merchandise companies which leads to sales and thus makes money off of the jerseys and so-called uniforms. So in a way uniforms are feeding consumerism in the world.


At number 8 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have Players. As said in the earlier point, there are multiple players in outdoor games and there are fewer in indoor games as compared. Outdoor games such as cricket, as well as soccer, require more than 10 players per team whereas outdoor games like golf require only one.

Indoor games like chess are played between two people but table tennis can be played in couples. So there are few exceptions in the number of players in both indoor and outdoor games.


At number 7 of the differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have techniques. Outdoor games usually require physical strength whereas players of indoor games usually are depended on luck or mental ability. Rules and regulations of different sports lead to different technological advancements.

Players gradually learn or adapt to these techniques in time. For example, a chess player doesn’t need to know the best way to score a goal or stick a landing. Those techniques are for football players and gymnasts respectively.

Environmental restraints

At number 6 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have environmental restraints. We don’t control the nature or environment. Certain environmental restraints come into a factor in the case of outdoor sports. Indoor sports win in this section.

Rain, hailstorm, snowfall, excessive heat, etc. all are reasons that can lead to the cancellation of a game. We have often witnessed cricket matches being postponed due to bad weather. Indoor games don’t suffer these consequences.


At number 5 of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have the equipment. Because outdoor games are complicated and require a team effort most of the time, the equipment they deal with is also very vibrant.

The equipment for outdoor sports usually includes safety paddings, shoes, protective gear, and all that but they also include vehicles specially made for that sport as well as heart and brain monitors. For example, mountain biking requires specially made bikes for the sport along with protective gear. Indoor games usually don’t deal with such fancy equipment.


Speaking of Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports, we have fitness. As we all know that indoor games can be played outside and outdoor games can be played inside. But for the sake of this list, we are taking into the picture, the stereotypical indoor games such as chess and other board games.

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And it is evident that chess doesn’t help in boosting physical health. But it is definitely the best for mental development. Physical and mental fitness are the two different aspects of indoor and outdoor sports. The latter helps in boosting metabolism while the former is good for entertainment and self-help.

Virtual games

Now, indoor games are not only limited to board games in this era of technology. There are video games that have made teenagers crazy for them. The literal addiction has led to gaming championships where people compete for money for playing video games! While this virtual game is the perfect amalgamation of outdoor and indoor games, it is counted as the latter one.

Football-themed games, superhero-themed games, as well as road racing, themed games have taken attention off of outdoor games for quite a time now. And today, many like some of the best cricket games . Nevertheless, the concept of playing an outdoor game while sitting on the couch is fascinating in itself.

Time Taken

A very intense game of chess might take days to complete. As talked about earlier, virtual games or video games are very time-consuming too. Indoor games have no time limit to be precise. Outdoor games, however, have a fixed time and schedule. This is one of the best parts of an outdoor game.

It has a precise timetable of when things are going to be over unlike indoor games. It takes a lot of confusion out of the game for the watchers. However, it builds up tension for the player. But what is a good game if it doesn’t have the player sweating? Right? Players of indoor games are very relaxed and chilled in this scenario.


As we all know outdoor sports take more effort and physical energy to play than indoor sports. In this section, both the games are winners depending on who is playing the game. If it is an introvert who is playing, then he or she is bound to like the idea of staying indoors and using very little effort in entertainment.

On the other hand, if an extrovert or adventure seeker is playing, he will love the fact that the game has so much to do with the outdoor and fresh air. While indoor games may begin to get a bit monotonous after some time … outdoor games will be non-boring forever.


Each game whether indoor or outdoor has its perk. While some people settle for indoor games, others are all for the outdoor sports world. Some people don’t even consider indoor games as games even though their importance is equal.

There are many major differences between indoor and outdoor sports. But at the end of the day, we all still love every game in its own way. We hope you liked our list. If you did, leave comments below.

FAQs Regarding Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Q. What’s the difference between outdoor sports and indoor sports?

Outdoor games tend to require large fields, while indoor games can be played in small spaces. Playing outdoor games develops physical strength and playing indoor games develops mental strength. Among the Indian outdoor games, there are langadi, kabaddi, khokho, atyapatya, etc. Among the foreign outdoor games, there are hockey, cricket, football, and golf.

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Q. Why are indoor sports better than outdoor?

In spite of outdoor sports facilities having many benefits, such as space and natural light, indoor sports facilities provide more efficient solutions, since people do not have to cancel games because of bad weather and can play comfortably in a safe, climate-controlled environment.

Q. Which is better between indoor games and outdoor games?

Just as there are many benefits of indoor play, so are there many benefits of outdoor play. Playing outside and indoors gives children both the benefits of outdoor play and the benefits of indoor play. Thus, they get enough physical activity as well as mental stimulation and creativity.

Q. Is swimming an outdoor or indoor game?

You can have an open pool, where you can see the sky and breathe fresh air, but it will be in an enclosed environment surrounded by walls. The term “Indoor Pool” refers to a pool that is totally enclosed within the building in which it is located.

Top 10 Best Indoor Games and Sports in the World

Whenever one uses the phrase “sports and games” it is common human mentality to associate it with the likes of Football, Tennis, Baseball, etc. Especially in a country like India, where the spectrum of sports is occupied by cricket alone (leaving little space for recognition of other sports) the recognition of indoor sports and games is almost absent. The only indoor game we have to boast about is Chess and Badminton (to an extent!).

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However, when it comes to the world at large, indoor games are just as important as outdoor games and sports are. Be it in the Olympics or other international tournaments, indoor games are held in great regard worldwide; and some of the most well-regarded are as follows-



Having its origins in ancient India, Kabaddi is also the national sport of Bangladesh. It is an extremely popular sport in South-East Asia and has gained widespread international acceptance. It was during the SAF Games in Dhaka, 1985 that Kabaddi shot into international limelight. The 11 th Asian Games held in Beijing, China (1990) saw Kabaddi being introduced for the first time and has been held regularly ever since. Played over a 45-minute stretch with a gap of 5 minutes in between, Kabaddi also witnesses a World Cup competition of which India is the current champion. Highly physical with a similarity to wrestling, Kabaddi is being further propagated through the Pro-Kabaddi League in India.



To a layman this game might seem like a childish indulgence- getting hold of a humongous ball just to knock over ten odd-shaped pins at the end of an alley hardly qualifies as a game, eh? Wrong. The sport of bowling has been accepted and is played by over 95 million people across the world, spanning more than 90 countries. Its roots are in Ancient Egypt (discovered from remains by Sir Flinders Petrie) and also the Roman Empire where the people used husk balls, leather balls, etc. Pin bowling, as it is known today (with 10-pin, 9-pin and even 5-pin variations), was first established in New York in 1895. Besides providing a fun evening out, bowling gives plenty of exercise for the human body and helps in strengthening of muscles, burning fat, etc.


billiards game

A general term used for Carambole Billiards, this is the most popular game from the family of billiards (others include three-cushion billiards, pool, etc). It is believed to have its origins in France in the late 1700s. The carambole billiard game (most popular in the family) has a very simple objective- a point is scored (known as count) when the cue ball hits both the object balls in a single stroke. As soon as a preset number of points is reached the winner is decided. Other variations of billiards include limited-rail billiards, balkline billiards, cushion carom, three-cushion billiards, etc.



This is a racquet and ball sport that can be played by two (singles) or four (doubles) players. The name squash comes from the softness of the ball that is used in the game. Harrow school is recognized with the invention and popularization of this game which used racquets similar to, but a lot lighter than, those used in tennis. The rules of the game have undergone a lot of changes over time. According to the conventional scoring system, the first player to reach 9 points is declared the winner of the game. If the score line, however, reads 8-8 then the player who reached 8 first gets to decide whether the game will be played to 9 or played to 10. However, according to the current accepted scoring system, games are played to 11 and must be reached keeping a difference of 2 in order to win. According to the World Squash Federation, England is the country with the highest number of squash courts in the world. Jahangir Khan of Pakistan is widely considered to be the greatest player of the game.



Analogous to its outdoor counterpart, table tennis can be played by two players (singles) or by four (doubles). The rules of the game, however, are slightly different. The service must be done in a way so as to make the ball drop once in one’s own half of the board and once in the opponent’s half, and thereafter in the opponent’s half only. In doubles, the rally is continued by players alternating among themselves thus adding an extra dimension of challenge to this extremely fast game; also, in doubles, the service is done diagonally between opposite sections of the board! This game originated n England in the late 1800s where it was played mostly by the elite class as a post-meal game. Owing to the sound of the ball being hit to-and-fro between the racquets, this game is also known as ping-pong. The first ever table tennis World Championships was hosted by London in 1926. With 2 World Championships and a World Cup title to his name, Jan-Ove Waldner is considered as one of the finest players of this game.

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This game with a stalwart that India can boast of proudly (Vishwanathan Anand) is certainly one of the most mentally taxing and IQ-demanding games. With roots lying in Ancient India in the Gupta Empire, it was known as ‘chaturanga’- literally meaning four divisions (infantry, cavalry, elephantry and chariotry represented by pawn, knight, bishop and rook). Its spread into and across Europe did not occur until the 1000s. Chess has seen many international competitions being held like the World Championship, the Women’s World Championship, the Junior World Championship, the World Computer Chess Championship and many more. Currently ruled by grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, Chess has been able to boast of heavyweights like Anand, Kasparov, Fischer, etc. Interestingly, owing to the rapid development of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge algorithms, a computer called Deep Blue (IBM) became the first computer to defeat a human chess champion (Kasparov) in 1997!



Undoubtedly one of the most violent sports to have graced the sports sphere, boxing is a sport based hoghly on contact between the opponents. It is a sheer test of speed, stamina, endurance, strength and agility. The roots of boxing are based deeply in Ancient Greece where it was accepted by them as an Olympic game (BC 600-700). Contrary to the gloved-fight that we see today, the initial accounts of origin of boxing suggest bare-handed fights. In the 18 th century in England the first champion of this format was James Figg. What added to the violence of the sport was that, in those days, boxing had only one rule- NO RULES! Due to increasing frequency of deaths in the game, Jack Broughton introduced certain rules that brought a degree of decorum into the game. Greats like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Evander Hollyfield have been a part of this game. The variation of boxing, amateur boxing, is much more regulated in comparison (by stricter rules and protective gear) and is contested in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.



A variant of football that is mainly played indoors, futsal is played on a smaller field with 5 players on each side. Futsal is native to Brazil and Uruguay where it is played more than football but attracts far less people. Futsal is played on a hard surface with a ball that has far less bounce than a football. Substitutions have no limitation as in football. The spread of the game during the 1970s was governed by an international body- Federacion Internacional de Futbal de Salon (FIFUSA). Currently, FIFUSA is no longer a governing body of the sport. FIFA is one of the governing bodies and organizes separate tournaments as compared to AMF (Asociacion Mundial de Futbal de Salon). Futsal is played on the international level by countries that are regulars in football as well. The current FIFA futsal World Champion is Brazil.



Like squash, Badminton is also a racquet sport (played with a shuttlecock instead of a ball). Opponents are pitted against one another on either side of a net and a point is scored by a player when the shuttlecock is not returned, during a rally, by his opponent. 1992 was the first year when badminton was first introduced in the Olympics. This sport requires a good deal of agility, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It was in British India (early 1800s) when this sport first came into existence. However, instead of what we know as shuttlecocks today (made of feathers), woolen balls were used. The Badminton World Federation was established in the year 1934, long time after the game had gained widespread popularity in England.



Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith as an activity to keep his students at gym active on a rainy day. The idea was to come up with a sport that wouldn’t be too rough yet would provide the right amount of physical exercise. Originally played with a soccer ball, the traditional brown ball (used exclusively for basketball) came into existence in the late 1950s (introduced by Tony Hinkle). Points are scored by putting the ball in the basket (two points) if it is in front of the three-point line else three-points are scored. Basketball, in western countries, is played at many levels including college and high-school level basketball. The National Basketball Association (NBA) in the USA was formed in 1949 and is, today, the leading professional basketball league in the world. It has witnessed players like Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, etc. who have contributed greatly to the popularity and the success of the sport.

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